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Our Mission

Our mission is to teach our students to recognize and mitigate or eliminate electrical hazards that they may face while performing their duties in an effective using common sense, knowledge of the current regulations and practical work methods.

During maintenance activities we teach the basic principles of maintenance, industry best recommended practices and the correct testing techniques. Along with this we explain the differences between acceptable result and ones that are questionable resulting from either poor test methods, defective test equipment or a legitimate problem that requires further attention.

In simple terms, we teach the safest way and the best way to do your job.

Courses Offered

Medium Voltage circuit Breaker Testing and Maintenance

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Power Transformer Testing and Maintenance

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Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing and Maintenance

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Solar Generation Electrical Awareness

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Electrical Awareness and Safety

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Wind Generation Electrical Awareness

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Our Services

Arc Flash Safety

The electrical safety industry has changed dramatically over the last few years with the advent of new safety standards, improved protective equipment, arc mitigation technology and improved equipment designs. However, according to industry safety experts are flash and shock incidents have remained stable for several years. These incidents can result in serious if not life-threatening injuries.
We present fact based personal or on-line training to assist your workers in evaluating shock and arc flash hazards, the proper use of protective equipment, reliable work methods and situational awareness methods to mitigate the hazards.

The course is based on CSA Z-460, 462, 463 and the Canadian Electrical code. Further, we modify each class to include your electrical safety program, your arc flash study, your specific type of equipment and your single line diagrams to ensure that your employees are fully aware of the hazardous areas they may face on any given day.

Circuit Breakers

Working with any low voltage breaker presents certain challenges and hazards. They are heavy, contain stored mechanical energy, have complex control systems, these can represent a major cause for arc flash and shock hazards if not handled and operated correctly.

We teach the student the safe way to manipulate, rack in/out, open/close, maintaining, testing and troubleshooting on all types of low voltage power circuit breakers. We can perform this course either on-line or in person as hands on training.

Breaker failures are usually attributed to a lack of preventive maintenance. The mechanism suffers undo wear and tear, mechanical seizure/jamming, contact failure, insulation breakdown or control system malfunction. All breakers, regardless of their type and size are critical to the safety of the power system
apparatus and to workers because their fast and reliable operation is critical to eliminating short circuits and reducing arc flash energy levels.

We teach the correct way to test, maintain, troubleshoot and recondition circuit breakers based on industry accepted best practices.

Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear

We see global weather patterns changing and we see power apparatus operating in harsh environments on a regular basis. We can assist you in developing predictive/preventive maintenance programs that will protect your investment against the effects of operation in a harsh environment.

We perform a site audit considering the age, type, ratings, loading, environment, selectivity factor, operating history and importance of your equipment and then develop a best practice maintenance program.

Metal enclosed, metal clad and arc rated switchgear of all voltage classes have different design characteristics and operating requirements with respect to safe operation and maintenance. The degree of arc flash protective equipment can vary drastically based on the type of the equipment along with many other factors such as energy level and physical space around the equipment.

We can assist your equipment operators by teaching them how to recognize the various hazards, understand the “Normal Condition” and mitigate the effects of arc flash energy.

Power Transformers

Imagine the world without transformers, or in other words no ability to convert voltages from one level to another. Imagine your facility where your main transformer has failed. Imagine the repair and downtime costs or the potential loss of business as a result. All these imaginary situations are devastating.

We teach students how to properly perform maintenance tests and inspections as well how interpret the test results to ascertain the health of a transformer. Testing includes ratio, winding resistance, insulation resistance, insulation power factor, sweep frequency, oil analysis and dissolved gas analysis and the inter relationships on each on these tests and their meaning.

Other Services

Class Schedules

We do not publish class schedules because every training class is tailored to specific customer needs. To arrange a training session all you need to do is contact us and we can coordinate a schedule that suits your needs. No class size is too small!

Site Safety Audits

Ask yourself some questions. Are your people trained and qualified? Do you have an electrical safety program? Are your people properly equipped with the right protective equipment? Are they trained in it’s use? Is your electrical equipment in the “Normal Condition”? As a supervisor are you concerned about Safety?

If you have answered yes to any of these then I would suggest that it is time to get a safety audit done. All too many times companies spend money of safety but get no value for their dollar because they simply do not reenforce the message and follow up after the fact.

Our audits address each of the above questions and provide you with corrective recommendations that will improve your electrical safety culture.

Lockout Tagout Programs

To be considered electrically safe, one of the major components is the lock out. All safety standards require lockout. Further, most accidents that occur on the production floor involve a lack of guarding or improper lockout. You see stories of both on a regular basis.

Developing a LOTO program can be complex and confusing. We can help you work through that by offering cost effective and practical solution to either audit an existing program or develop a brand new one.

Accident Investigations

Accidents happen all the time. There is always an ensuing investigation to determine the root cause and then develop corrective measures to prevent the same accident from happening again.

The corrective measures may include policy changes, revisions to standing procedures or additional employee training. Our mission is to determine what happened and recommend a plan that will prevent a repeat occurrence.

Electrical Safety Programs

Each employer in Ontario is required by standard to have an electrical safety program that is part of your general health and safety program.

Developing an electrical safety program can be an exceedingly difficult job. You must build a program that workers will by into and use and at the same time ensure the program covers all the appropriate rules and regulations. Our programs cover both issues.

RS Breakers

Through our partnership with RS Breakers and Controls we offer full service hands on and in class training for virtually every type of Canadian circuit breaker from the smallest molded case to the largest medium voltage air, Sf6 gas or vacuum breakers.

Our joint training center also provides courses on protective relays, switchgear and motor control.

Our classes include testing and maintenance, working safely and trouble shooting.

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